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‘Blind Spots’, KOLGA Award Nomination & Photo Festival, 04.05.18

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Proud announcement: my latest portrait project with the title 'Blind Spots' has been nominated to be among the best photo projects created in 2017 and is shortlisted for the KOLGA AWARD 2018 in the conceptual photography category!!!

Twelve images from this series will be on display during the KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO Festival from 5th - 11th May.

Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2018 is exceptional for the number of powerful photography projects covering a wide range of topics and taken by the photographers from around the world.

Venue for the award exhibition: Art Arena, Dodo Abashidze Street 10, Tbilisi, Georgia
Opening event: Friday, 4th May 2017 from 8pm

About 'Blind Spots':
For this project the sitters are guided back into childhood memories and then photographed whilst remembering a challenging situation. In such moments children create negative opinions about themselves and the world such as 'I am worthless', life is unfair' or 'nobody loves me'. Later in life we are often unaware of the origin of such self-limiting believes, yet we hold on to them and carry them as a lifelong burden. All of us have certain blind spots, areas of endeavor or personal issues that we ignore because of the painful doubts or feelings of futility that they arouse.
The final result is aiming to shine light into our hidden viewpoints; the process of photographing the upcoming emotions created space for self-reflection.